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Chapel Hill, North Carolina

University Place

201 S. Estes Drive

Chapel Hill, NC 27514

K&W Cafeteria entrance

Across from Style Brows


Donegal, Ireland

University Place

About Us

Wee-Arts introduces children to the joys of music through singing, dancing, and hands-on exploration. From beloved children’s songs to original music, local musician and Wee-Arts founder Michelle Schooff expertly guides children through a variety of songs, movements, stories, and games with her acoustic guitar and infectious joy.


Wee-Arts classes are play-based, giving children the opportunity to learn at their own pace within a warm and supportive environment that fosters a sense of community among children and caregivers alike. As a mother of three, Michelle is sensitive to the needs of young children, taking special care that everyone feels comfortable, whether they need gentle encouragement or can hardly contain their excitement. 



Six week program meeting Tuesday (9:30am) or 

Wednesday (9:30am, 10:30am)



A turn-key party solution for your little one. Music and cake are the perfect combination!





a new and exciting art program for children and their caregivers

Oct 29 (Halloween Theme) 
Nov 19 (Fall Theme)
Dec 17 (Holiday Theme)

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