Play-based music education for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers as well as vacation day drop-in programs and summer camps for young elementary school students.

About Debbie

Hi everyone! I’m Debbie, born and bred in Derry City where I continue to teach today. My family and I reside in Moville, Donegal. My passion for music goes back to my youth and continues to this day in my professional life as a Foundation Stage primary school educator. Recreationally I’m a MD for youth and adult choirs. I trained in violin and voice and a graduate from St. Mary's Teacher Training College, Belfast. Later I graduated from University of Birmingham with a Post Graduate diploma in Special Education: Hearing Impairment with a solid 22 years of hands on teaching experience.


I truly believe that music is a positive factor to help children with self esteem, social, communication and language skills. Music aids in the improved well being overall with children and people of all ages. Music is non-discriminatory, it crosses boundaries and is inclusive to all!  I believe that Wee-Arts is a wonderful program that speaks to all and will expose children in a fun and light-hearted way to the foundations of music in a play-based creative way.


I’m so excited to be bringing this interactive, child centered programme to you and your little ones in Derry and Donegal . I’m mostly looking forward to share my love of music with all of you when we begin our musical journey at Wee Arts.


To learn more, you can fill in this form and I will keep you updated with dates and locations. You can also like my Facebook Page and help me spread word that this amazing children’s music program is coming to your area soon. 

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Six week program meeting Tuesday (9:30am) or 

Wednesday (9:30am, 10:30am)

A turn-key party solution for your little one. Music and cake are the perfect combination!





a new and exciting art program for children and their caregivers

Oct 29 (Halloween Theme) 
Nov 19 (Fall Theme)
Dec 17 (Holiday Theme)

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Current Offerings

Join Debbie at Wee-Arts for a 6 week program starting January 28 2019. 

Each session is packed full of original music and movement written by Michelle Schooff. All tried and tested in preschools and with Wee-Arts families. Come join in on the fun and meet other families and young kids aged between 0 - 5. Kids get lots of opportunities to play rhythm instruments, use puppets and various other imaginative props. Sessions are led by Debbie Kelly with the guitar and voice. An engaging program for curious, young minds and their caregivers.

Greencastle Community Center
Greencastle, Donegal

MONDAY 10:00AM to 10:45AM - Jan 28, Feb 4, 11, 18 & 25, Mar 4 


Terms and Conditions

The following are some guidelines for expectations during a program and sessions. As a Wee-Arts parent/caregiver please keep the following in mind. Please remember that Wee-Arts is a small run business based on trust and relationships with each person that walks through its doors:

- Please plan to attend the session each week at your assigned day and time. If you need a reminder on this please just drop me an email to michelle@weearts.com
- Please participate fully in the class, including singing, dancing and moving, playing instruments. Adult participation is an expected part of each child's experience
- Please give your full attention to your child(ren), and watch for her/his needs and responses during class
- Please guide your child toward participation in class. Young children will respond in many different ways to the class and can vary from one week to the next
- Please email michelle@weearts.com 24 hours upfront of a session if you can not able to attend, otherwise the session will be considered as attended
- There's lots of young babies and sometimes pregnant woman in the program, so please read the following policy very carefully - if you or your child has a temperature and have used medication within the last 24 hrs to reduce it please do not come to class. You must be temperature free without the use of medication for at least 24 hours.
- If an instructor becomes ill during the course of a semester, the same rule applies. The session will be postponed and a make-up date will be scheduled
- If you have not done so already, please like the Wee-Arts FB page to stay connected - www.facebook.com/weeartsrocks
- Once the program starts there will be no refunds on the program unless it's for exceptional reasons. Mall and admin fees will at the very least be deducted
- Lastly, plan to have lots of fun with your child and to meet some other lovely families which we are lucky to have come back time and time again