Franchise Opportunities

At Wee-Arts, we are passionate about introducing children to the joys of music. Following the standards developed by the National Association for Music Education, we provide high-quality early music education that lays the foundation for a lifetime of music appreciation. We tailor our classes for developmentally appropriate learning that recognizes early music education is a source of emotional and cognitive growth, as well as an important opportunity for children and their caregivers to bond with each other and their community.


Sound serious? Our ideas may be, but our classes are not. At Wee-Arts, we believe the best way to introduce young children to the joys of music is through play. Silly, wiggly, jump-up-and-down play that gives children the freedom to learn and explore at their own pace. With acoustic guitar in hand, Wee-Arts founder Michelle Schooff expertly guides children and their caregivers through a variety of music-based activities that encourage social interaction, verbalization, listening skills, and movement.