Fall Music and Movement Classes

Designed for infants through six year olds with an adult, this 45-minute class features childhood favorites as well as original music by Michelle. 

Tues. 10:00am @ Southern Village Clubhouse

601 Brookgreen Dr, Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Wed. 10:00am @ Southern Village Clubhouse 

601 Brookgreen Dr, Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Starting Sept 17 & 18 with 6 sessions per program.

$110 for full season

$18 for drop ins, if space is available


Michelle's Original Music

To order Michelle's CD Albums, click here

Or visit the CD page to download.


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Birthday Party

Interested in hosting a birthday party at Wee-Arts? Contact us for more information.


Terms and Conditions

The following are some guidelines for expectations during a program and sessions. As a Wee-Arts parent/caregiver please keep the following in mind. Please remember that Wee-Arts is a small run business based on trust and relationships with each person that walks through its doors:

- Please plan to attend the session each week at your assigned day and time. If you need a reminder on this please just drop me an email to michelle@weearts.com
- Please participate fully in the class, including singing, dancing and moving, playing instruments. Adult participation is an expected part of each child's experience
- Please give your full attention to your child(ren), and watch for her/his needs and responses during class
- Please guide your child toward participation in class. Young children will respond in many different ways to the class and can vary from one week to the next
- Please email michelle@weearts.com 24 hours upfront of a session if you can not able to attend, otherwise the session will be considered as attended
- There's lots of young babies and sometimes pregnant woman in the program, so please read the following policy very carefully - if you or your child has a temperature and have used medication within the last 24 hrs to reduce it please do not come to class. You must be temperature free without the use of medication for at least 24 hours.
- If an instructor becomes ill during the course of a semester, the same rule applies. The session will be postponed and a make-up date will be scheduled
- If you have not done so already, please like the Wee-Arts FB page to stay connected - www.facebook.com/weeartsrocks
- Once the program starts there will be no refunds on the program unless it's for exceptional reasons. Mall and admin fees will at the very least be deducted
- Lastly, plan to have lots of fun with your child and to meet some other lovely families which we are lucky to have come back time and time again